„A man without tattoos is invisible to the Gods.”

-Iban Proverb


My name is Piotr Szot and this is my story. I was born in a small village in between forests and lakes, in one of the wildest areas in Poland. I moved out from my family house when I was 17 and I didn't stop travelling ever since. After I hitchhiked most of Europe I decided to travel to India. That totally changed my life. I stop drinking and partying like crazy. I learned yoga, meditation and started healthy, balanced life. Later I crossed my path with diffrent Teacher Plants like Ayahuasca or Magic Mushrooms. My obsession with shamanism and Fractals began:) Nature and altered states of consciousnes are my main sources of inspirations. Now, together with my beautiful wife and 2 little kids I moved to magical Izery Mountains- place in between the Land of extinct volcanoes and the valley of Palaces and Gardens. Forgoten land full of wild nature, where the time stops and the cristals grows under our feet. Here I want to create the place where I can come back to. So I'm growing my roots, joining the community of amazing, open minded people, singing, playing music, burning the fires and just trying to live good, healthy life. I want to create beautiful tattoo retreat center in here. But because this uncertain times I want to wait with any big decisions. So now I'm tattooing in the country house close to my own tiny home on the top of the hill. I graduated the High School of Art in Olsztyn, and Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk, both in Poland, where I got a degree in Graphic Design with a specialization – Illustration. During seven years spent on studying art, I was engaged in all kinds of visual arts: sculpture, graphic design, 3D, video, design, painting, drawing etc. During my first year of studies, I was professionally engaged in illustration. For over four years, I was making illustrations for book covers, RPG handbooks, magazines and card games. Then I found Tattooing. Or rather it found me. Then everything has changed. Tattoos always fascinated me, especially their primitive, tribal, ritual aspect. In my works I like to combine ethnic vibe with crazy fractals, modern graphic design and plant kingdom motives together in one psyhodelic, unexpected composition. After almost 10 years of hard work, I got to the point, where I'm privileged that I get to chose my clients. I'm so gratefull that so many beautiful souls from all over the world, are willing to travel even from different continents to wear my art. Thank you. I invite you to my world:)



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