Hi beautiful Souls! Thank you for your interest in my work:)

I open my bookings only two times a year - on the Spring Equinox (21st of March) and Autumn Equinox (22nd of September) so if you want to book a session with me please send me an e-mail only on one of those days to this e-mail address - piotrszotart@gmail.com with answers to the questions below.

Although I love to know your life stories I need to read dozens of them, so please focus on essence and don't write crazy long essays :) It will speed up our communication process.

Your e-mail should include:
  • Full name
  • Who are you? What are your passions?
  • What is your intention - why do you want to get this tattoo?
  • Do you prefer to focus more on ritual or only tattoo itself? Or both? All options are great for me.
  • Ideas for your tattoo (please write about it in a short and brief way). What it should symbolize, express?
  • Intended size and placement on your body of the future tattoo (a photo with the surface of your body marked where the tattoo is to be placed will be helpful)
  • Additional inspirations/reference photos (5-6 photos) as an e-mail attachments (no .rar,.zip files or a hyperlinks!)
  • Preferred date of session or window of time within next half a year (in the beginning I'm quite flexible with booking appointments dates)
  • Place where you live (helpful in the case of making a date of appointment)
  • Social media links if you want to be tagged in posts with finished tattoo
  • Phone number
  • Do you have any health issues that I should know that may effect the tattooing process

Read before you send an e-mail:
  • I really like to think about my tattoos as some kind of totems or amulets. I see the tattoo session as a ritual. It might be "just" a tattoo or it might be the tool for the personal transformation - The Medicine. I want to connect with people who see it in a second way. And this is what I’m trying to achieve in my work. If you are interested in getting only nice looking picture and you feel uncomfortable with being smudged by Paulo Santo or White Sage or asked to center yourself before the session and focus on your intention, then most probably I’m not the right guy for you ;)
  • Please contact me only via e-mail ( Facebook messages will get only automatic response)
  • Im not super strict about the dates when you can send your e-mails. I’m waiting few days to read them anyway. Just in case that during this date you are in the middle of the jungle or the ocean with no reception and you can’t send it exactly on that day (it actually happened few times :) ).
  • Please write me by my name – just Piotrek (without Sir or something like that ) 
  • I’m tattooing only my personal designs crafted for individual You. Of course I can be inspired by the work of others, but usually it comes down to being inspired by the composition or specific details. Everything is grind, milled and digested. Finally it is done in my own way.
  • Generally, you have to trust me :) If you write to me, that means that you like what I do, so you do not have to worry about anything.
  • Discussion, placing the stencil and so on is a part of a paid session time.
  • I work mainly with a tattoo machine. It is caused mainly because I’m still learning to use the traditional technique and still I am not able to guarantee the highest quality of such services. However any such traditional session is a kind of a ritual. So it's not only about design itself but everything around. Smells, views and atmosphere in general. That’s why I leave them for special occasions.
  • I like the most when the client know the overall idea what she/ he wants but then leave me the freedom to decide about how it will be done. The Universe is a fractal and I’ll find the joy and creative freedom even in small range of decisions. I’m sure it’s worth it:)
  • I’m drawing the design on the session day so there is no way to see a preview of my work before.
  • Not every theme is good to be tattooed by me
  • Please let me know when you want to cancel the appointment at least one week before planned meeting.
  • It is possibility of change the date of the planned meeting but it depends on availability of other dates. Please let me know if you need to change the date of your appointment as soon as possible.
  • I think it’s a good idea to come one night before or to stay one night after session to get some good sleep and restore energy
  • I do not send my design to be made by other tattoo artists
  • If necessary I have always with me a set of my projects, so I’m sure you’ll find something for yourself
  • I always read your e-mails, deciding with who I'd like to cross my path, saying hello, but then my partner - Sabina is taking my place and she will help you to meet me in a right place, on the right time. I'm sorry for this but I have to take care of my rest time and time for my family :)
  • I don't show exact address of where I work in here, because it's a small private studio in the countryside and I value my privacy. But note that it's 15 min drive from Jelenia Góra in Poland. The closest airports are: Wrocław - 1,5h drive, Prague - 2,5h and Berlin - 3,5h.
  • I will answer your e-mail as soon as possible, so please be patient 

Description of my design process:
  • I’m still experimenting with the form of the session and it’s ritual aspect, so according to the customer and situation it may change a bit.
  • First, we sit down and talk. You are describing me of what you want (what, where, why, how big, and so on). Showing me the reference photo and explaining what exactly do you like in them and why. Generally anything that can help me to understand your visual taste, who are you and how this tattoo can be integral part of you.  Further I analyze your references and ideas. I examine why the posted reference tattoo looks and works the way they do. I take out the essence of which I will try to include our your project.
  • I do not do projects before the session, unless I decide that this is necessary for some reason. Experience has shown me that vibrant, creative process, where can I ask you something and instantly gain the feedback gives the best results. I prepare myself for the session by collecting the necessary inspiration / reference and cut it out, bend and match everything in your eye, so that it will look exactly as you wish
  • The most important part of ritualistic approach it is working with intention. So after the chat I start to preparing my tattoo station and you are centering yourself and start writing the intention on the paper.
  • I smudge the client and the space with Palo Santo or white sage.
  • I always start from drawing basic sketch directly on the body, trying to understand your anatomy, highlighting main directions and compositions. Then Sometimes I stencil patterns using carbon paper and sometimes I continue to draw directly on the body. Depending on what technique will fit to the exact situation. The good of tattoo and the fact that it fit the best to your character and personal anatomy is my priority.
  •  Then the fun part starts:)

I do not tattoo:
  • The same design many times
  • Plagiarism, tattoo improvements or other variations of other tattoo artists

Before the session:
- Collect the set of inspirations so we can discuss it just before the designing stage during the session. It can be all kind of art - doesn’t need to be tattoos. It will help me to understand your visual taste.
- If it’s possible - spend time alone, preferably in nature. Make the information detox - don't watch, TV, movies, podcasts. Stay away from other people’s stories. Find a time to reflect on yourself. Where are you in your life? Where are you going? How do you feel with your current life?

Unfortunately, I’m only human and I can't split apart so in advance I would like to apologize for the delay in the responses and distant deadlines but I hope it will be worth to wait:)

Love and light.
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