Some time ago I started the adventure with core shamanism and from the beginning I saw a huge potential to incorporate it into my everyday tattoo practice. I believe this is the answer to my personal search, which I started few years ago and has a potential to become an entirely next level of tattooing. Long time ago tattooing was a sacred ritual but nowadays, as almost everything else which was sucked int western civilisation, it become flat and it has lost it’s power. I’m trying to find a way to reverse this process. Because I’m quite experienced with tattooing but not so much in shamanism so I invited professionals and my friends to help me to put it all together. As far as I know nobody did this before in this way, so it’s an adventure and kind of pushing the boundaries experience. Because if retreat character I will choose the clients who are already have some experience with spirituality and are on the path of self development already. I’m sooo excited:)This is a two way process: for the tattoo artists to restore the connection to the divine origin of their talent, to consciously use it as a healing tool for the client, to build inner strength and feeling of deep purpose of their work. Whereas for the client it is a way to start a new cycle in their life with a new tattoo, cleansing and closing the old patterns, restoring the power from the pain of the past and stepping into a new chapter through sacred tattoo initiation with blessings, strength, dignity and divine vision for the future. I want people toI called this event the holistic because I believe we are all part of one amazing miracle called life and in order to achieve harmonious, prosperous life we should acknowledge it. There are numerous ways to make it. We will use tools like shamanism, sound healing, trans personal psychology or yoga in order to experience this unity and remember about it every time you’ll look on your new beautiful tattoo:)
In each event I will invite different artists to share the experience.

Day 1
-9am- We are meeting in front of the main entrance to the train station in Bielsko- Biała. Than all together we are going to Porąbka- the place where we are going to have a retreet.
– Meeting in Tone’s of Life Sound Temple. Saying hallo, unpacking, eating something healthy.
-Introduction in the circle. Amrita Darshan talks the sacredness and depth of tattoo ritual as a healing tool both for the artist and the client.
Opening sacred space of the healing ritual. Cleansing and inviting spirits, praying to all Universe to support us in the sacred work.
Communion with cacao spirit and meditation to connect with the Self.
-Shamanic journey: searching for power animal to help us through the healing process and give us the directions we need on the path.
Sharing circle and interpretation of the experience.
-Sacred Sound Ceremony & Gong Journey Tom Soltron Czartoryski & Abby delSol – our hosts, worldwide pioneers in the field of sound healing.
-Ritual of 4 elements: releasing the old, making space for the new
Closing. The inner space is ready to the next step.
Day 2
-Yoga, pranayama , healthy food
-Sharing circle. Talking the reasons and ideas for the tattoo projects.
-Bringing the offerings and the prayers to the altar (Copal and Olibanum, flowers, seeds, fetishes – the people prepare something in advance).
-Shamanic journey to the Upper Worlds to connect with the guides, angels and spirits. The artists connect to the sacredness and healing of their work, the clients receive healing and directions for the upcoming stage of their life, both understand tattoo as a sacred seal of initiation.
-Sharing the experience and collecting the ideas.
-Despacio ritual to seal the shamanic process.
Putting all experiences together and doing the designs.
-Sweet Lodge

Day 3,4,5
-Yoga, pranayama , healthy food
– shamanic journeys,
-workshops about initiation to the adulthood taking responsibility for our life made by Marcin Szot
-Work, work, work:) Basically spending whole 3 days on creating art.
Day 6
-breakfast, goodbye chats and slowly coming back home
Retreat facilitators:
Piotr Szot- if you are are here, than you know me and know what do I do:)
On a retreat in September we will work with Ness Bosh and on retreat in October with Amrita Darshan Kaur.

Amrita Darshan Kaur.- artist, musician, Kundalini yogini as taught by Yogi Bhajan, shamanic healer (student of Ness Bosch/ Shamanic Rainbow Medicine School in Spain).
In her work she concentrates on helping people to find peace, balance and health in their lives, to awaken to the deepest consciousness, to connect with the natural, unique talents and to consciously use them in sake of happiness and fulfilment. She gives private shamanic healing sessions, holds cacao ceremonies, women’s circles and shamanic journeying workshops.

Ness Bosh- She studied different shamanic ways to heal the soul and walked the Tradiditional Red Road for several years. During her search for traditional aproaches of shamanism, she participated in ceremonies of various traditions such as Amazonic, Lakota, Blackfeet and Celtic in different countries including France, UK, Spain and Ireland. She is a archdruidess, sorceress, shamanic heeler, Sundancer and a Sacred Pipe Carrier. She is also a keeper of a Buffalo Horn. Organiser of Shamanic Healing Tattoo Training

Konrad Szot- my older brother is a super skilled massage therapist so he will take care about our bodies during the retreat.

Marcin Szot- my younger brother is a great diagnostician who is specialised in ceremonial couching and making workshops connected to personal growth.

Retreat Hosts:
Tom Soltron & Abby delSol own and run the Tone of Life Retreat Centre. Combined they have a wealth of experience in the field of Sound Healing, Sacred Tone Improvisation & Sacred Sound Ceremonies as well as creators of the MEM Yoga Way. Tom & Abby are Gong Makers, Musicians, Sound Visionaries, Sound Therapy Facilitators, and Yoga Teachers who travel the world sharing their love for Sound and Earth Based Spirituality. ‘We see music as a window to the soul. We live life in connection with all that is, respecting the cycles of nature.’